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The 30 Day Filmmaking Kickstart is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to learn how to bring their film ideas to the big screen and start directing POWERFUL films in just 30 days. Learn how to become a real filmmaker and break into the professional film industry without spending thousands of dollars on film school or expensive equipment- even if you have no industry contacts!

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"We always go to Joe when we need someone experienced and who knows what they're doing" - Ethan

"Explained Things In a Way I Didn't Get Overwhelmed" - Alexandra

"Everything they do looks like it belongs in a Hollywood movie" - Gabriel

What You'll Get Out Of This Program

Proven Strategy for Turning An Idea Into A Movie.

  • If you're like me, you're probably bursting with ideas for movies and tv shows- but turning those ideas into actual movies is a whole different story!
  • Deep dive into the FOUR STAGES of turning an idea into a movie with¬†real world examples¬†from our productions.
  • Start using the system we've developed to find top notch actors and crew members to staff your own films (even if you're only paying in turkey sandwiches).

Days 1-2: Development & Screenwriting

  • Understand the foundations of writing INCREDIBLE scripts that keep people glued the their seats (this is the most important part of making a film).
  • Learn the best method for taking the vision you see in your head and translating it onto the page.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes directors and screenwriters make, like writing passive characters.

Days 3-4: Casting & Crew

  • Our focus is on getting fabulous actors for your project, even if you don't have any budget.
  • How to network and make connections with other filmmakers who will help take your films to the next level.

Days 5-9: Cameras, Lights, and More!

  • Learn the essentials of how to transform your images to get the cinematic look!
  • Master the foundations of lighting so that you can get Hollywood quality footage with the cheapest lights you can get at Walmart! (under $50)
  • Come on set for our productions to see how we produce industry professional films (including a project we shot on a $700 camera...)

Day 10: Performances

  • Directing is 90% working with your actors, and your actor's performances will MAKE OR BREAK your film!
  • Learn how to draw out A list performances from your actors, even if they have no experience (or skill).

Week 3: Production

  • Going into week 3 you'll actually shoot a short film- what's a film education without actually producing a film after all?
  • Take everything you've done over the last two week and see your vision come to life LIKE YOU NEVER EXPECTED!!
  • (This is my favorite part- where you really start to feel like a filmmaker)

Week 4: Editing

  • Get FREE ACCESS to our One Day Film Editor Course, where we'll walk you step by step through the process of editing a film in Premiere Pro.
  • Master film editing, sound design, color correction and grading, and more!

Day 30: Next Steps

  • Ready to see your film on the big screen? Let's get it in a theater!
  • Get step by step guidance through how to submit your film in festivals to compete against other filmmakers and win awards for your work!
  • Now that you know how to transform your film ideas into actual movies, let's get started on a feature film!
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Whats Included In The Program

Step By Step Tutorials

Say goodbye to long boring lectures and confusing technical information! In the 30 Day Filmmaking Kickstart we dive into everything you need to kickstart your film career in bite size chunks that are fun and entertaining so you're never left falling asleep during class!

The Four Kickstart Essentials

It's hard to know how to kickstart a career in filmmaking when you've never done it before- that's why we've systematized it by narrowing everything down to four essential things you need to have in order to get started in the film industry and developed this program to teach you just how to do it!

30 Day Roadmap

From development to screenwriting, production strategies, editing and using your film to generate some cash flow, we give you our specially designed 30 Day Roadmap to producing a high quality, cinematic film you can use to kickstart your film career!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi - I'm Joseph Woolwine (the guy with the headset) and just like you... I started my career with ZERO filmmaking skills, no equipment, no contacts, and absolutely no money.

It took me seven years of practice and experience before I was able to produce a short film was able to bust open the steel doors of the film industry and start turning my film ideas into the kind of movies you watch in theaters. But my goal is to show you how you can start from nothing and do it in just 30 days or less!

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Who This Course Is For

  • Anyone ready to kickstart their filmmaking career with a high caliber short film they can use to pitch themselves in the industry.
  • Seasoned Filmmakers in their first few years working in the industry but aren't satisfied with their current level of work and are ready to take things to the next level.

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • People who aren't ready to hustle and put the hard work in.
  • People who think they already know everything and don't have anything new they could learn.
Enroll Today For Only $97

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access?

How does lifetime access to the program sound?

What Equipment Should I Get?

Remember: it's not your camera that makes a great film- you do.

Whether you're shooting on a Hollywood level camera or just a smart phone, you can produce a reel and short film 100% capable of Kickstarting your career.

With that said, it is to your largest advantage to either have some sort of camera with interchangeable lenses. You can easily find excellent options for under $1000 (e.g. Canon m50 mkii or Sony ZVe-10). Alternatively a newer smart phone that allows you to blur out the background during video recording would also do the trick.

Other than that you can get all the video equipment you need with just a $50 trip to Walmart, and we'll show you how to do it in the program!

Is There A Guarantee?

Absolutely. We have a 30 day money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason at all you can ask for your money back in full within 30 days of the purchase.

Enroll Today For Only $97

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